As a Realtor

For Buyers

Buying a home is an important decision. As your Realtor, I am Your Consultant.  I am Your Negotiator.  I am Your Overseer of the Transaction Details. 

You’re decision to buy a home will be a rewarding one. I am your consultant that will guide you through the entire buying process from getting you pre-approved with a trusted mortgage provider, to getting a home inspection, to picking up your keys on closing day.

I am your negotiator. I have your best interest in mind and will use my skill, experience, and focus to negotiate the best price on your behalf for your new home.

I know the neighborhoods in beautiful Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia. I will help you find the perfect home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

I am your overseer of transactional details. I will anticipate any bumps along the way and will answer your questions. I will explain all clauses and exactly what you are signing. Mistakes cost time and money. My attention to detail will save you both. Once you put an offer on a home, I will be the liaison between your financial institutions, your lawyer, and your home inspector. I will ensure everyone has what they need to complete their part of the transaction. I won’t stop working until you are moved into your new home and satisfied.