Riverside Square Condos

Looking to move to Toronto? Have you looked at some new condos or lofts?  Well I would like to point your interest to a new development by StreetCar.   I have gathered some general information concerning this hot project coming to Queen Street.

StreetCar has launched their new exciting project which will be located on Queen Street. Riverside Square Condos and Lofts will be a welcome addition to a diverse Toronto neighborhood.  With the grand opening just days away buyers are excited to get a unit before it is available to the general public.  If you would like to save thousands of dollars and receive the best pre-construction visit the official website at http://www.riverside-square-condos.ca

If you register today you will receive a package showcasing all pricing and available units before the scheduled launch date.  Which will allow  you to get the best price and a parking special deal.

Riverside Square Condos will house 4 Towers and will be built in two phases, Street Car who are well known for their unique and sought after lofts will have an easy time selling units.  The community is buzzing with excitement for this new addition to the queen street neighbor, riverside square condos are going to be a big hit and units will be selling fast.  Get yours today before it is too late.

RiverSide Square Lofts and Condos now open for business

RiverSide Square Lofts and Condos now open for business

Our super agent is standing by who has exclusive sales rights to Riverside Square. Take a second and follow the Universal Resource Locator state above, fill out the registration form and our agent will contact you within minutes to help you buy the loft of your dreams.  There is a good selection of units left, but they are going fast! If you want one, now is time or else you may be too late.

This development will have a nice list of apartments, with many layouts to choose from. The floor plans were designed to limit wasted space so you will be definitely getting your monies worth once you move into your new apartment.  Now a days I don’t even think they are called apartments most people refer to them as condos, doesn’t seem to matter to the buyer who has applied for a mortgage.

So if you are looking for place just right for you this may be the project.  Keep an eye out in the media for their launch date.  It should be in the next couple of months, and don’t forget to acquire a mortgage before you go and register.   Happy hunting!