City Lights Condos coming to Broadway

Have you ever walked down a street in a nice city and you noticed beautiful lights in the skyline. I think this is one of my favorite views especially when you are looking over a lake. Having a view in a city does not come cheap, all real estate property that gives you great view comes with a high price tag. Now ask yourself how much would you pay for a premium location. Well one good thing at the moment in the real estate market is the low mortgage rates. Now two income families can afford a little more with a little less. Well if you are looking for a view either as a renter or buyer I would like to show you a great condo in one a great location. City Light Condos and apartments are now selling, renting, and leasing please visit their property management site at Here you will be able to get all the necessary information about the project, they have a few sales agents standing by to assist you in any manner

Check out the cool view that you will have overlooking the city

Renters please visit

Now isn’t the one of the coolest views that you can have? The city lays out before you and all you can see in the background is the light reflection of all the condos.

Living in the center of the city also has many advantages! Commuting is a breeze because you have access to the subway, buses and street cars. Also if you are in a rush you can always jump into a cab and because you are close to everything it will not cost you that much.

City Lights Condos will be in such a prime location you will be literally walking distance to everything that the city has to offer. If you are interested about this project please visit the link above the real estate representative will be able to help you out with renting, leasing or purchasing information. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

I will be visiting the sales/rent center next week, for me this is an ideal place to live and I am pretty excited.