Staging your real estate

Once you’ve decided to put your home on the real estate market, it’s time to think about staging. Professional home stagers would like to to believe that you can’t do the staging yourself. The don’t want you to know that you can, indeed, stage your own home. It’s not always it’s the easiest job, but you can do it yourself.

There are some basics you have to do before you an start the home staging process. First you’re going to have to declutter the house. That means personal pictures and knick knacks have to be packed away. After that comes cleaning. A deep cleaning. Next you make minor repairs – and freshen the inside of your house with a fresh coat of paint. Now you’re ready to start your home staging project.

The most difficult part of staging your own home is to emotionally disconnect from the home and its memories. One thing you might consider is asking a friend to help – someone you trust and who can help you with that disconnection.

Go through the house with a critical eye. Think like a buyer. If you were relocating into the Denver real estate market, for example, what would you want to see in a house? Remember, there are three primary types of staging that will help you do an effective job of staging your home.

The first is to set a mood or style for the house. If you’re in an upscale neighborhood, you want the furnishings to reflect that. If your real estate agent feels that you should be appealing to young families, you want the furnishings and rooms to reflect a child friendly feeling.

Next, you want to arrange your furniture to show off your home and its surroundings. Again, if you’re trying to sell property in the Denver real estate market and there’s a terrific view of the mountains from your back deck, you want to make sure the entry to the deck has easy access and the furniture on the deck invites you to step out and enjoy the mountain view.

Lastly, you want to look objectively at the house to see if value added changes would make the house more inviting. These are changes made to the house to create a more appealing atmosphere. A worn and dated medicine cabinet, for example, might need to be replaced. Is it possible to economically replace worn carpeting or light fixtures to update the house?

While it’s a challenge to remove yourself emotionally from your house in order to do the staging, the effort is well worth it and pays off, often in a shorter time on the market and a higher sales price.