Writing An Offer

Once the real estate hunting is over, and you have found your dream home, you will first need to write an offer to the seller outlining your wish to buy his home.  This may sound simple, as you may already have a figure in mind of what you are hoping to pay for the house. Writing an offer however needs to be thought over carefully as it is the first step that you are taking to owning a new home. You need to imagine how the seller would feel about your offer when they first see it, and you need to include all the relevant information.

Buying real estate might be the most important thing you ever do, but likewise, selling a home may be the start of a new life for the seller. The seller may have plans of relocating and buying a home abroad, and the outcome of the house sale may be a very relevant factor to their future plans. When you begin to write your offer, you will need to take the seller’s point of view into the utmost consideration, and make sure that you write a clear and concise offer.

An offer on real estate does not merely include the amount that you want to pay on the property. You should include details on the financing of the property, and what arrangements you have already made. Inform the seller about the deposit amount you are putting down, and what would happen if the sale fell through. Your written offer should also include any relevant dates, as well as what exactly is included in the sale. Does it come with a fitted kitchen or will that be removed?

Writing your offer should be thought through carefully, as it is the very first step to owning your new home. Your offer needs to look good to the seller as well as to you, as both of your futures rely on the transaction of the property to begin your new lives.